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I have been working internationally in the field of Mobile Telecommunications since 1999. I earned a double MBA in Market and Finance. My specialization of work has been in the field of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management. In the last 7 years I have helped design and implement Financial Systems as well as Mobile Payment Solutions. I have lived and worked in India, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania. Over the years, I have perfected myself in the following key skills.
Revenue Assurance
Fraud Management
Risk Manangement
Mobile Money
Business Systems Implementation
Product Development
In order to help your business grow, you can avail the following services:
A thorough assessment of the process under the scanner and a multi pronged solutions approach to optimize and upgrade the existing state of affairs.
Comprehensive and updated material on Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Mobile Money for professionals who are dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends and learning from Industry Experts with interactive problem solving sessions and discussions of real case studies.
Online Consultation
Consulting via email for emergency situations or where there's a strict timeline to be adhered to.

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